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I'm a fragile thing.
I'm far more delicate than your mother's finest vase filled with artificial flowers and love to the brim.
I can shatter with the tiniest mistreatment.
I try to hide away in the darkest labyrinths; it's to keep myself safe.
I fear being broken once again.
I've been down that jagged path, I don't want to do it again.
But then a light finds my safe place; Awe replaces fear.
The light isn't so bad, it's soothing even.
For months we do this tango of love and grace.
I thought I could finally be safe again in the arms of a total stranger, who transformed into my lover.
Some things I didn't understand about you, but I let them go.
Your light was dangerous, it blinds from the truth.
I found that out far too late.
I'd fallen and shattered, and awaited for you to pick up the pieces.
Finally I realized that you never would.
You're empty inside; never to be satisfied.
Not even the deepest love could fill the holes in your heart.
I was a fool to fall and now I'm living with the consequences.
Never again will I allow myself to fall.
I'm a foolish heart who has finally learned her lesson.
happyholic Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
This poem is really beautiful!
I love the message I interpreted from it. That the ones who are truly good are damaged, and the ones that have never been harmed are the most dangerous of all.
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